Southern Arizona NORML and Arizona NORML Lobby Day Review!

Southern Arizona NORML was proud to join Arizona NORML to participate in the annual Arizona NORML lobby day on Wednesday, February 5th.  We arrived at the captiol with 43 meetings scheduled with legislators and were able to keep 41 of those meetings.  We were also able to have 7 impromptu meetings with legislators in the halls of the house and senate.  Together, we were able to meet and talk with 48 legislators!  That’s over half of the entire legislative body that we were able to talk with regarding cannabis and cannabis-related bills.  The four main bills that we lobbied for are:

HB2049 (Rep. Espinosa, D-LD19):  This bill adds autism and opioid use disorder to the list of qualifying conditions to AMMA.

HB2638 (Rep. Blackman, R-LD6):   This bill creates official policy for “deflection programs” that allow officers in the street no to arrest individuals for various minor offenses (including marijuana possession).  The Tucson Police Department has been using a similar deflection program since 2018.

HB2359 (Rep. Toma, R-LD22):  This bill prevents applicants from being denied licenses for having previous drug charges including marijuana.

SB1015 (Sen. Borrelli, R-LD5):  This bill adopts a federal list of banned pesticides as Arizona’s standard.

We are truly grateful for all the volunteers who accompanied us to the capitol to have their voices heard with legislators.  It was an incredible day of activism and we hope to have an even more successful lobby day next year!

Mike Robinette, Tony Landry and Michelle Landry with Representative Gabaldon, D-LD2.
Lobby day volunteers discussing the schedule of meetings.
Mikel Weisser and Mike Robinette collaborate during lobby day.
Beth Weisser, Mikel Weisser and Mike Robinette representing both Arizona NORML and Southern Arizona NORML.
Barbara Dow, Michelle Landry, Tony Landry and Mike Robinette with Representative Rivero, R-LD21.
Mikel Weisser, Tony Landry, Michelle Landry and Dan Heady with Representative Powers Hannley, D-LD9.
Tony Landry, Beth Weisser, Mike Robinette and Michelle Landry with Representative Blanc, D-LD26.
Mikel Weisser, Tony Landry and Michelle Landry with Senator Steele, D-LD9.
Mike Robinette, Tony Landry and Michelle Landry with Representative Hernandez, D-LD3.
Tony Landry and Michelle Landry with Representatives Engel and DeGrazia, D’s-LD10.