It’s Request to Speak time!

The 2020 legislative session begins on January 13th and now is your chance to register with RTS (Request to Speak) to comment on upcoming cannabis-related bills!

The Request To Speak (RTS) program is designed to allow the public to comment on bills listed on agendas and to request to speak on any bill in a committee.  The RTS program allows you to register your comments on any bill from your own home without having to travel to the capital to do so.  When any committee is in session, the committee members and the public will see your comments and whether or not you would like to speak in person.  Again, you do not need to speak in person to register your opinion on any bill in RTS.  Legislators will be able to see your position on any bill throughout the legislative process.

We have heard from legislators that they don’t hear from the cannabis community when cannabis-related bills are being considered in the legislature.  We can change that by using Request to Speak.  RTS gives you VOICE in the legislature and affords you the opportunity to comment on those bills.

Unfortunately, you have to finalize the registration process for RTS in person at the capitol or at 400 W. Congress Street.  However, we can do the registration for you in Tucson so you don’t have to worry about it.  All we need is the following information:

First Name, Last Name and Email

Please send us this information to or call us at 520-576-0871.

We will register you and provide you with a temporary password that you can change once you sign in at home.

It’s that easy to get your voice heard regarding cannabis-related bills in the legislature.

Once we register you, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to post on RTS.

Tony Landry prepares to register Southern Arizona NORML volunteers in RTS.


Mike Robinette celebrates registering 10 Southern Arizona NORML volunteers in RTS.