Polling Data Shows Support for Legalization is Over 60% in Arizona!!!

If you were able to attend our virtual chapter meeting last Thursday on Zoom or watched it on Facebook Live, you might recall that our dynamic friend and ally Alejandro Chavez spoke with us about Smart and Safe and where we are with legalization in Arizona.  Alejandro shared with us polling data from OH Predictive Insights that shows support for legalization at 62%.  What is even more exciting about this polling is that support for legalization is up substantially in myriad demographic groups.  The data also indicates that support appears to be “baked in”and that there is little gray area between those who support legalization and those who do not.  That means that the number of people who are undecided tends to be a small percentage.

You can peruse the polling and data presented by OH Predictive Insights here.

Together, we legalize!!!