This Is Historic! The MORE Act Passes the House!

While we have legalized for the responsible use of adult cannabis in Arizona via Prop 207, the dichotomy still exists between more liberal state marijuana laws and federal prohibition.  The historic passage today of the MORE Act moves us one step closer to ending the federal prohibition of marijuana once and for all.  The MORE Act deschedules marijuana at the federal level allowing states the autonomy to create their own marijuana laws without any fear of federal interference or crackdown.

The MORE Act not only removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act but also provides for significant changes relative to marijuana policy at the federal level.  It will allow physicians affiliated with the Veterans Administration to make medical marijuana recommendation to qualifying veterans who live in states that have legalized for either medicinal, adult-use or both.  The MORE Act also provides incentives to encourage states to move forward with expungement policies that will eliminate the deleterious consequences that have plagued those with with low-level marijuana convictions in the past.  Furthermore, the MORE Act provides reinvestment funding to communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs and the prohibition of marijuana.  Lastly, the MORE Act will permit the Small Business Administration to support businesses and entrepreneurs  who seek entrance into the emerging legal cannabis industry.

We would like to publicly thank Congressman O’Halleran (District 1), Congresswoman Kirkpatrick (District 2 Cosponsor), Congressman Grijalva (District 3 Cosponsor), Congressman Gallego (District 7 Cosponsor) and Congressman Stanton (District 9) for their YES votes on the MORE Act today.  Please take a moment to call or send them an email thanking them for voting yes!

Sadly, Congressman Gosar (District 4), Congressman Biggs (District 5), Congressman Schweikert (District 6) and Congresswoman Lesko (District 8) all voted NO on the MORE Act today despite the fact that their constituents in Arizona have clearly demonstrated their desire to legalize marijuana through Prop 207 and national polling sitting at 68% in favor of legalization.

Here’s the link to NORML’s blog on the MORE Act and its passage today.  We’d like to congratulate Justin Strekal and the entire national NORML team for their incredible work on the MORE Act.

Together…we legalize!!!