Footsteps of a Giant: Mike Robinette

Former AZ NORML Director Mike Robinette Steps Down, Leaving Giant Shoes to Fill.

As July came to a close, a founding NORML legacy was coming to an end. AZ and Southern AZ NORML Director Mike Robinette has stepped down to take on new projects and new challenges in life. As the director, Mike wore many hats to rebuild AZ NORML, after the passing of Mikel Weisser in 2020. Robinette taught his volunteers and leadership to adapt to take on all challenges of forging a path forward for the new NORML. As Jonathan Udell(Director, AZ NORML) and Kelly Davis(Director, Southern AZ NORML) take on the new roles in NORML, they have giant shoes to fill. AZ NORML will continue to build on the giant foundation built by Mike Robinette.

Mike Robinette, Former Director of AZ NORML

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