Prop 207 Phone Bank This Saturday at 11:00 AM! Take Ownership in Legalization!

Join us this Saturday, October 3rd, at 11:00 AM for our fourth weekend of phone banking for Prop 207.  This is a great opportunity for all volunteers to have the chance to participate in our efforts to legalize.  You don’t need any experience to do a phone bank.  In fact, all you need is a cell phone and a desire to help promote Prop 207.  The app that we use is really easy and it even has a script for you to follow.

We’ll do a quick organizational Zoom call at 11:00 AM prior to making our calls.  Here’s the Zoom link to join us on Saturday.

If you would like the app prior to Saturday, simply send us an email at and request the app.  We will forward it to you.  We can also just forward the app to you during the Zoom meeting on Saturday morning.

No need to RSVP!  We’ll see you Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.  Please email or call 520-576-0871 if you have any questions.