Have You Always Wondered How To Overcome Objections To Cannabis?

For all of us who advocate for cannabis reform, we are always trying to ascertain ways to handle objections relative to our work and our reform efforts.  We are excited to announce that Green Flower and NORML have joined forces to create a webinar that addresses how to respond to objections related to cannabis.  Join NORML Founder Keith Stroup, NORML Development Director Jenn Michelle Pedini, and Green Flower CEO Max Simon for this incredible webinar that will provide you with 7 strategies for effectively changing people’s minds about cannabis and influencing policy.  The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 30th at 12:00 PM PT.

If you have an interest in working to reform cannabis policy, this webinar is for you!  Whether you’re already a cannabis advocate or professional, or you’re a supporter of cannabis legalization that would like to get more involved, this webinar will help give you concrete steps to break down barriers, turn those who oppose into supporters, and open up safe access for all.

You can learn more about this powerful webinar and register using the link below:

Webinar: Overcoming Objections to Cannabis

We are excited to participate in this webinar and hope that you can join us next Tuesday for this unique event!

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